Instructor: Patricia Rogers (The Evaluators Institute (TEI))

Time: 26/3/2018 – 27/3/2018

Description: Many evaluators find it challenging to analyze textual, visual, and aural data from interviews, diaries, observations, and open-ended questionnaire items in ways that are rigorous but practical within the time and staffing constraints of real evaluation. During the course, Fellows worked through a structured approach to analyzing qualitative data based on an iterative process of considering the purpose of the analysis, reviewing suitable options, and working through interpretations. Techniques used during the lectures include: grouping, summarizing, finding patterns, discovering relationships, and developing and testing relationships. The lecturer addressed practical and ethical issues in analyzing and reporting qualitative data, how confidentiality can be maintained, how analysis can be tracked and checked, and standards for good practice in qualitative data analysis. Fellows conducted manual analysis of data, both individually and in small groups, through various exercises and were also introduced to NVivo and other computer packages to assist analysis.