Performance Evaluation of the USAID/BiH Diaspora Invest Activity 

USAID/BiH Diaspora Invest Activity (DI) is a $6.2 million Activity implemented by the Financial Market International, Inc. with a performance period from April 3, 2017, through April 2022. The DI’s purpose is to catalyze the economic contribution of BiH diaspora to foster the country’s socio-economic development by engaging with the diaspora investors in a structured way, providing incentives for diaspora investment and establishing local platforms for business services and investment facilitation. 

The four evaluation questions (EQs) address the DI’s design, management, implementation, and results. The evaluation considers the DI’s progress to date in reaching contract targets; implementation of its technical approach; beneficiaries’ perception of the added value of grants and various forms of technical assistance (TA); management, implementation, monitoring, and coordination of the grant component of the Activity; and perceptions of public sector partners and stakeholders of the value of DI’s assistance with elimination of institutional and policy barriers to diaspora investments. 

The evaluation team employed the mixed-methods approach that included an extensive desk review of implementation documents, databases, and reports; analysis of beneficiaries’ financial reports; 69 semi-structured key informant interviews (KIIs); an online survey of DI beneficiaries; and an online mini-survey of non-beneficiary diaspora companies. 

The evaluation methodology identified findings, and recommendations are provided in the final report available below.  

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