USAID Mission in BiH tasked the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity II (MEASURE II) to update the 2016 Biodiversity Analysis Report for BiH. This updated Biodiversity Analysis Report will serve to assist the USAID/BiH during the upcoming strategic planning process for the 2020-2025 period and to achieve better biodiversity outcomes by following-up on the findings and recommendations highlighted in the 2016 Biodiversity Analysis Report.

The Biodiversity Analysis Report includes the following segments: (i) identification of the current status and current and potential threats to biodiversity, (ii) report on actions necessary to conserve biodiversity in BiH, (iii) analysis of the extent to which actions proposed by USAID under its strategy meet those conservation needs, and (iv) recommendations for integrating biodiversity into future USAID/BiH programming. more specifically, the analysis addressed the following questions:

1.What is the status of biological diversity in BiH? Have there been any new developments since 2016 in relation to relevant multilateral agreements, international agreements, laws, bylaws, relevant policies?

2.What are the main threats to biodiversity in BiH? What social, economic, or political factors are driving those threats?

3.Based on identified threats and their drivers, what actions are needed to conserve biodiversity in BiH?

4.What support (direct or indirect) was provided by USAID that addresses biodiversity conservation needs in the country?

5.To what extent are actions proposed by USAID in their new strategy or current USAID programming meeting identified conservation needs?

6.What actions could USAID take in line with their current/planned portfolio to better support biodiversity conservation in BiH?



The analysis team designed the mixed-methods approach, triangulating relevant information from the following sources:

  • desk research/comprehensive secondary literature review and 2016 Biodiversity Analysis data update,
  • semi-structured key informant interviews (KIIs) with 10 important local and international stakeholders in biodiversity-related areas and 22 USAID/BiH Implementation Partners (IPs), 
  • two focus group discussions (FGDs) with a total of 19 participants,
  • statistical analysis of relevant survey data from two online surveys:
    -Survey of stakeholders on their perceptions of the value and significance of biodiversity for sustainable development in BiH;
    -Survey for USAID/BiH Implementing Partners. 

The full analysis report is available here:

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