The purpose of the 2010–2013 USAID/BiH Development Grants Program (DGP) was to expand USAID’s NGO network of development partners and provide capacity-building assistance to new partners through supporting initiatives and mechanisms, enabling a wider range of partners to better meet their beneficiaries’ needs and contribute to development outcomes. 

Aiming to build local organizational capacity in rigorous performance evaluation in BiH, MEASURE-BiH procured a local research organization to conduct this evaluation. The subcontract was awarded to Center for Development Evaluation and Social Science Research (CDESS) from Sarajevo. MEASURE-BiH provided technical guidance and supervision.

CDESS team members that worked on this evaluation (and are also MEASURE-BiH Research Fellows) used a mixed-method approach based on a desk review of the implementation documents and databases received from USAID/BiH, additional documents collected from LNGOs, and semi-structured interviews with 143 Key Informants (KIs) in order to answer the following six evaluation questions: 
  1. What was the nature of the Mission’s outreach to LNGOs? Had the Mission worked with the implementing LNGOs prior to these 2010–2013 DGP awards, and, if so, what was the nature of that work?
  2. What is the Mission’s current relationship, if any, with the LNGOs that implemented these DGP awards?
  3. What impact, if any, did these DGP awards have on the Mission’s ability to partner directly with non-traditional partners in BiH?
  4. How was the work of the implementing LNGOs of these six interventions under the 2010–2013 DGP awards perceived and valued by beneficiaries?
  5. To what extent has their partnership with USAID strengthened or otherwise changed the capacity of these six LNGOs? Are these former DGP grantees sustaining their development efforts, and, if so, how?
  6. What, if any, challenges have the implementing LNGOs faced in meeting USAID program requirements, and what are the key lessons learned for any potential similar future initiatives in BiH or globally?
Complete performance evaluation report of the 2010-2013 USAID DGP in BiH Program is available here:
(click on image to download the file)