IMPAQ International (IMPAQ) has been commissioned by the U.S. Agency for International Development Bosnia and Herzegovina (USAID/BiH) within the USAID/BiH Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity (MEASURE-BiH) to conduct the evaluation of USAID/BiH’s Anti-Corruption Civic Organizations’ Unified Network (ACCOUNT) follow-on activity.
Evaluation of the USAID/BiH ACCOUNT follow-on activity had three main objectives:

To acquire high-quality data and produce credible findings, conclusions, and recommendations, the evaluation team utilized rigorous research methods. Data was gathered through key informant interviews (KIIs), internet surveys, and relevant Activity documentation, and secondary data sources.
The evaluation team employed different approaches (such as data triangulation) to mitigate response bias, interview bias, online survey methodology bias.
  1. Assess implementation performance against deliverables outlined in the cooperative agreement.
  2. Learn best practices from local partners for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) fighting corruption and gain insights into the effectiveness of program mechanisms for strengthening CSOs’ ability to advocate for reform.
  3. Provide recommendations based on the lessons learned to inform the design of future USAID/BiH anti-corruption interventions.
 This evaluation answered the following five research questions:

  1. To what extent has ACCOUNT increased CSOs’ involvement and input regarding anti-corruption legislation/regulation?
  2. What are ACCOUNT’s major achievements in the selected five sector areas (public procurement, whistleblower protection, education, health, and public employment) and on the local level?
  3. To what extent has ACCOUNT increased the quality and quantity of investigative journalism targeting public corruption in BiH?
  4. To what extent have interventions under ACCOUNT influenced public awareness of corruption?
  5. Is the ACCOUNT legal-aid model to protect individuals reporting corruption and whistleblowers perceived as effective by ACCOUNT beneficiaries (e.g., legal-aid recipients, beneficiaries of joint registry, and beneficiaries of the ACCOUNT legal team)?

The final evaluation report is available below: