MEASURE II Published Report on Midterm Performance Evaluation of the Supporting Political Pluralism and Good Governance Processes Activity

The Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity (MEASURE II) conducted a midterm performance evaluation of the Supporting Political Pluralism and Good Governance Processes (SPPG) in Bosnia and Herzegovina to assess the activity''''s progress towards expected outcomes and the effectiveness of its interventions. 

The evaluation addressed the following questions: 

  1. To what extent has SPPG strengthened parties’, coalitions’, and candidates’ capacity for issue-based campaigning and policy and campaign-platform development in advance of the 2020 municipal and 2022 general elections?

  2. To what extent have issue-based caucuses built their capacities to promote anti-corruption reforms?

  3. To what extent can the current SPPG design contribute to improving political leadership and voter turnout among women and youth?

  4. To what extent have ALPI members increased cross-party cooperation due to SPPG?

  5. How have IFES recommendations been utilized by electoral stakeholders to support electoral reforms before and after the 2020 elections?

  6. Which interventions related to the development of individual political parties'''' issue-based policy-development capacity and enhancing cross-party collaboration are most likely to bring about sustainable results?

More information on the evaluation purpose, methodology, findings, conclusions, and recommendations, is available here.