MEASURE-BiH Publishes Performance Evaluation of USAID's Justice Activity in BiH Final Report

USAID/BiH's Justice Activity (JA) is a 5-year activity designed to strengthen the capabilities of the justice sector’s actors in BiH. MEASURE-BiH conducted performance evaluation of the JA to provide USAID/BiH with an evidence-based and independent review of the Activity, and qualitative and quantitative analyses of its performance. 

In order to conduct this evaluation, the evaluation team used a mixed-methods approach and triangulated data across different sources of information. These included: 
  • JA implementation documentation, data, and records;
  • donor, state, and HJPC/PO official documents;
  • HJPC administrative data on cases processed by courts and POs, including data on processing corruption and economic crime cases from 2014 through 2017; 
  • selected survey data from MEASURE-BiH’s National Survey of Citizen Perceptions (NSCP-BiH), conducted annually from 2015 through 2017;
  • selected data from the Survey of Judges and Prosecutors in BiH, conducted from 2015 through 2017 by MEASURE-BiH; and
  • semi-structured interviews with 107 key informants (KIs) through 55 key informant interviews (KIIs).
More information on evaluation design, methodology, findings, and recommendations is available here

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