MEASURE-BiH Published Report on Performance Evaluation of the USAID/BiH Diaspora Invest Activity

USAID/Bosnia and Herzegovina (USAID/BiH) commissioned IMPAQ International within the USAID/BiH Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity (MEASURE-BiH) to conduct the performance evaluation of the USAID/BiH’s Diaspora Invest Activity (DI). The DI is a $6.2 million Activity implemented by the Financial Market International, Inc. with a performance period from April 3, 2017, through April 2022.

The four evaluation questions (EQs) addressed the DI’s design, management, implementation, and results. The evaluation considered the DI’s progress to date in reaching contract targets; implementation of its technical approach; beneficiaries’ perception of the added value of grants and various forms of technical assistance (TA); management, implementation, monitoring, and coordination of the grant component of the Activity; and perceptions of public sector partners and stakeholders of the value of the DI’s assistance with elimination of institutional and policy barriers to diaspora investments. 

More information, including an overview of the evaluation methodology, detailed findings and recommendations, is available here. To download the full evaluation report, please click on the image on the right.
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