MEASURE-BiH Published Issue Brief on Media Trustworthiness in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As part of the Research Fellows Program, MEASURE-BiH initiated its Issue Brief Series. First issue brief developed by MEASURE-BiH Research Fellows and research staff is now publicly available.

"Why Don't Citizens Trust Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina" examines the determinants of perceptions of media trustworthiness among BiH citizens using the 2016 and 2017 wave of National Survey of Citizens' Perceptions (NSCP-BiH). 

This issue brief shows that women use media less than men do. Nevertheless, television is the most important source of political, economic, and civic news in BiH regardless of the citizens' age, gender, or ethnic group. However, internet is the dominating daily source of news among the higher educated. 

For all of you interested in further issue brief findings, please download it here:

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