MEASURE-BiH Participated at the Conference Fighting for Gender Equality in Courtroom

USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity (MEASURE-BiH) participated at the conference Fighting for Gender Equality in Courtroom. The conference was organized by Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and Association of Women Judges in BiH. Based on OSCE’s invitations, MEASURE-BiH Chief of Party, Naida Carsimamovic Vukotic, presented MEASURE-BiH’s research related to judiciary and to gender in politics and governance. On this occasion, participating judges, representatives of the non-governmental sector and international organizations were introduced with selected findings from three studies conducted by MEASURE-BiH:

  1.  Gender Analysis for BiH (available here),
  2. Study Difference in Development Priorities of Male versus Female Politicians and Voters (available here), and
  3. Judicial Effectiveness Index of BiH (available here).