MEASURE-BiH Held a Training Course on Gender Integration in USAID Programming for USAID Implementing Partners

As part of providing M&E technical assistance to the USAID/BiH Mission staff and its Implementing Partners (IPs), MEASURE-BiH, in addition to individualized technical assistance, periodically provides structured joint trainings, based on the Mission’s needs and requests. Two training courses on integrating gender equality issues in intervention programming and planning were delivered last week. First one was delivered to the USAID/BiH staff and the second one was organized for representatives of the USAID/BiH IPs. 

Training course for IPs was attended by 21 representative of 12 USAID/BiH activities. During the course, USAID policies and rules related to gender equality and women empowerment were considered. Furthermore, training course participants were introduced with the main findings of the Gender Analysis that MEASURE-BiH conducted for USAID/BiH last year, available here. Training course was led by Maja Barišić.