Instructor: Ann Doucette (The Evaluators Institute (TEI))

Time: 11/09/2017 – 12/09/2017

Description: Program Theory of Change (ToC) and logic models (logical frameworks) illustrate the intent of the program/project and what it is expected to accomplish. These evaluation tools provide conceptual clarity and focus the program/project in terms of the mechanism that are thought to support and contribute to the desired outcomes and the assumptions that are made about program/project implementation. During the course, participants were introduced with basic concepts of ToC and learned how to reconstruct and use ToC in program evaluation. The instructor emphasized the importance and usefulness of ToC by explaining 4 steps of the front-end analyses, including: identifying the main client and key stakeholders; understanding the context; investigating existing knowledge; and constructing, using, and assessing a ToC. The course focused on developing useful and effective ToC and logic models, as well as their misuse through lecture blocks and various small group exercises.