Instructor: Ann Doucette (The Evaluators Institute (TEI))

Time: 26/6/2018 – 29/6/2018

Description: This course focused on the basics of Program Evaluation, from planning the evaluation (situation/context analysis, needs assessment, identification of key stakeholders); to selecting the evaluation approach (example: process, implementation, empowerment, outcome/impact, etc.); the methods used (qualitative/quantitative); analytic approach; to communicating findings and conclusions (reports, ideographs, presentations). Course learning objectives included: understanding program evaluation and its history; understanding the importance of stakeholder engagement; identification of issues that might affect evaluation; formulation of key evaluation questions; development of indicators; selection of design and methods; reporting finds, results, conclusions and recommendations. The course used a "hands-on" -- workbook approach. The instructor focused on local examples from practice so as to present the course topic more closely.