Instructor: Emily Tanner-Smith (The Evaluators’ Institute (TEI))

Time: 06/03/2017 – 09/03/2017

Description: The training course is designed to "demystify” statistics and provide a basis for understanding how and when to use particular techniques. While the principal concern focused on practical applications in program evaluations rather than the mathematical support underlying the procedures, a number of formulas and computations were covered to help attendees understand how the statistics work. Topics covered during the course include: introduction to data analysis; simple descriptive statistics; introduction to SPSS; statistical inference; hypothesis testing; comparing means: t-tests and ANOVA; categorical data analysis, logistic regression; moderation and mediation; and introduction to simple and multiple regression analysis. A variety of tabular and graphical output for presenting results of analyses were explored and strong emphasis was placed on interpreting the results of statistical analyses appropriately. The training course was provided on the SPSS software platform.