National Survey of Citizens' Perceptions

The National Survey of Citizens’ Perceptions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NSCP-BiH) is conducted by MEASURE-BiH to analyze trends and general attitudes of BiH citizens towards governance, rule of law, corruption, citizen participation and civil society organizations, media, social inclusions, youth development, and other topics. MEASURE-BiH is expected to conduct NSCP-BiH on annual basis.

The survey has the following four key objectives:

  1. To obtain data on BiH citizens’ perceptions to inform USAID/BiH’s strategic planning and programming;
  2. To gather data on USAID/BiH project-level indicators measuring citizens’ perceptions within the USAID/BiH Performance Management Plan (PMP);
  3. To collect data on public opinion of judicial issues for the Judicial Effective Index of Bosnia and Herzegovina (JEI-BiH); and
  4. To provide social scientists information on BiH citizens’ perceptions on a variety of issues through a repeated cross-section of a nationally representative sample.
NSCP-BiH is a computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) survey of nationally representative sample of civilian, non-institutionalized adults over the age of 18. Survey design is rigorous with random sampling that ensures representativeness, allowing us to measure estimate precisions through margin of error and confidence intervals. Large sample size allows us to conduct statistical tests to determine if there are any significant differences across Entities or any other subgroups. 
Three waves of survey have been conducted so far. Reports presenting the main findings and information on the sampling design and data collection process for 2015, 2016, and 2017 are available here:


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