MEASURE-Bih research support program 


On December 14, 2016, MEASURE-BiH launched the Research Support Program as part of its efforts to help develop BiH program evaluation and social science research capacities. 

The Research Support Program will help assess the viability of innovative and interdisciplinary research topics/projects proposed by the Research Fellows, support selected research ideas/projects to "proof of concept” stages, provide advice to identify and develop potential funding sources, provide specific guidance on the process of getting papers accepted by international conferences and journals, provide training on academic English, and technical writing and help to identify and connect Research Fellows and U.S. university faculty members on demand-driven basis.
In addition, MEASURE-BiH extended the invitation to the Research Fellows to participate in empirical studies  conducted by MEASURE-BiH including four issue briefs (Youth Participation in Non-Formal Education, Trustworthiness of Media, Determinants of Ethnic Reconciliation, and Youth Unemployment and Active Labor Market Programs in BiH: A Twenty-Year Retrospective) as well as an empirical project: the MEASURE-BiH Youth Study.



Together with our Research Fellows, we will further explore options of potential support activities to  generate demand for evaluation and evidence-based policy making among the BiH government institutions. MEASURE-BiH Research Fellows are invited to submit their ideas, proposals and suggestions, based on which a separate workshop to further discuss these options will be organized within the Research Support Program.